How to Choose White Flower Girl Dresses

If your wedding is coming up and you are just going through the usual array of preparations, one of the things that should you take into special consideration is the kind of dress your flower girl will wear. When you think about it, only flower girls have the luxury to pick just about any color for their gown. It could be a beautiful red dress like the roses they’re throwing on the floor or it could come in the same color like that of the brides. If you picked the latter, then start your search for beautiful white flower girl dresses.   

When shopping for flower girls dress and your colorpreference is white, pick a material that is very similar to the material used forthe bride. This will make them a cute pair, especially if the flower girl ismade to look like the younger version of the bride. As a matter of fact, thereare flower girl outfits that come complete with trail and all. She can alsowear a tiara to complete the effect. And as far as materials are concerned, theusual choices are satin, silk, organza, and cotton.

The cut of the dress is going to play a very crucial role inthe selection process as well. A flower girl’s dress can go up to her foot, rightabove the ankles, or just below the knee. If you are having a very formalwedding, the white flower girl dresses that touch the floor are your most idealchoices. If you’re having a semi-formal wedding, the one cut just above theankles will be perfect. The shortest or the knee-length white flower girldresses are ideal for garden or beach weddings and the likes.

Accents can also be added to the dress, for it to come in full coordination with the wedding motif. With just a minor alteration, one can add a red belt to the white gown, pink flowers, or more rhinestones to unearth the perfect blend. The more like the bride the flower looks, the more adorable she would be.


Tips When Shopping for Flower Girl Shoes

There’s nothing that would delight a little girl more than shopping for beautiful shoes and clothes. So you’re actually making a little girl’s dream of becoming a princess come true the moment you picked her to be the flower girl to your wedding. She will be wearing a beautiful dress and the perfect shoes to match it. But how do you actually pick the perfect flower girl shoes?


It is a given that the flower girl’s shoes should match her dress. So technically speaking, if you pick a white gown for her to wear, you also have to choose a pair of white shoes as well. If you picked a pretty pink dress for her to wear at the wedding, you have to choose the matching pink  shoes for that too.    

The most important thing about flower girl wedding shoes isthe material used for it. It’s more preferable to let them wear a pair of satinshoes of course, just like the bride’s. However, in the absence of one, a pairof white patent leather shoes is also a nice alternative; although that couldbe more expensive than the satin pair.

The only thing that distinguishes flower girl shoes from aregular pair of white shoes is its design. Flower girl shoes mostly comeheavily beaded. This means it fairly looks like the bride’s wedding shoesitself. It comes complete with all the shining rhinestones, beads, and sparklingjewels. And that’s one reason while little girls love them.

Just remember that the function over fashion rule also applies to little girls. They have to wear a comfortable pair of shoes for the wedding. Those semi-high heeled ones that can sore the foot when used for an extended period of time is not advisable. But if your flower girl wants to use those heeled shoes so they can feel like an adult, you might also want to purchase a flat-heeled pair that she can use as alternate shoes for the event.


How to Pick Flower Girl Baskets

Flower girls strut on the aisle throwing flowers everywhere.Her purpose in the wedding is to fill the bride’s path with flowers. Indeed, no wedding is ever complete without a flower girl. And the ceremony won’t officially start until she walks down that aisle throwing flowers everywhere.More than the gown, one of the necessities of a flower girl is her basket full petals.

The basket is a flower girl’s most cherished possession. It allows her to do her role in the wedding mightily well. Therefore, picking the perfect basket for her to carry is more than necessary. When shopping for flower girl baskets, the first consideration is of course, its size. Since it willbe just a little girl who will be carrying the basket, pick something that she can hold confidently in her little hands, yet deep enough to contain all those petals needed to cover the aisle.  

Pick flower girl baskets should be designed to match thewedding motif or its colors. This can be done very simply by tying a band orribbon around the basket. The ribbon has to match the chosen color of thewedding. For creative brides, making these baskets with their own hands is aneasy task. All they need is to let out that creativity juice to personally designand make the most unique flower girl’s basket.

You can make a wedding flower basket by simply purchasing any small basket. Just cover it up with white laces or a sheet of satin cloth.Then put a big ribbon around it, along with all the rhinestones and embellishments to make it more attractive. The most common color for a flower girl basket is white. But you can also use the wedding color if you want. Just fill it with petals and make the ceremony extra special. And make your flower girl look more beautiful with her basket.